24 hour towing services in Lawndale, CA

We know that troublesome car situations are stressful and anxiety-inducing. We have years of experience handling similar situations. We can help you tow your car quickly and safely.

24 Hour Towing and Vehicle Recovery in Lawndale, CA

tow truck tows a vehicle

Whether in rain or shine, day or night, our tow trucks are tuned and ready to go to help nearby customers in need of a tow. There are countless factors that can have an impact on a motorist on the road, so each towing job can pose a unique challenge.

Thankfully, our tow truck drivers have been trained to use different equipment in our tool chain so that they can approach any permutation of road situations in a level-headed manner. For example, if you have a vehicle with manual transmission, a two-wheel tow can be a cost-effective way to have your car towed.

For an automatic transmission car with a malfunctioning engine, however, a flatbed truck could be a wiser choice as car manufacturers specify only a limited number of miles that an automatic transmission vehicle can be towed without the engine running. If your automatic vehicle is towed for too long without its engines on, there is a risk of damaging the transmission.

Regardless of the type of your vehicle, our tow truck drivers are knowledgeable and can recommend you with the best option to protect your car and your resources.

Call us today and work with us to protect your car during a towing job!